2018 Residence Football Cup

On 7 March, the "2018 College of Europe Residence football cup" took place. All eight residences fought for the honor to host the cup till the end of this academic year in their "home". After some pre-exchanges on social media and a public draw of groups, the tournament finally started with the match "Sint-Joris" against "Gouden Hand".

Having played a turbulent group-round, the first semifinal manifested the role of favorites by our newest residence "Wispletuin" in winning clearly against "Garenmarkt". Huge controversies were then brought up during the second semifinal. "Oude Zak" managed to score in the last minute the important – as well as contested – goal (3:3) to achieve a penalty shoot-out against "Gouden Hand". Still shocked and upset by the previous heated discussions, "Gouden Hand" didn’t find back its strength and lost eventually. Yet again, "Wispeltuin" didn’t leave room for doubt about their quality in the final which was then clearly won against "Oude Zak".


All in all, players, supporters and organizers experienced a great time together in a fair – but highly emotional – competition. Congratulations to the winning team: "Wispeltuin"!