The Benelux week, organised by 17 students from Belgium, one student from the Netherlands and one student from Luxembourg, took place from 19 to 24 March 2018.

The Benelux week started off with a speech by Mr Baron Frans van DAELE on "A new dawn for Europe". Baron Frans Van DAELE was, as the former Chief of staff of President of the Council Mr Herman VAN ROMPUY, an excellent speaker to offer the College students a unique perspective on the current challenges faced at European level. His speech was followed by a reception offering Luxembourgish crémant and wine of Domaines Vinsmoselle, rosé wine from Aix vin de Provence, and chocolates and cookies offered by Confiserie-Chocolaterie CRÉVIN.

On Tuesday, the students of the Benelux week started to cook early in the morning so the College students would be able to enjoy a typical BENELUX meal. 70 kilos of potatoes were cut—with many blisters on the fingers as a consequence. The sacrifice was worth it, as everybody was able to enjoy the Benelux cuisine with a lunch menu composed of Dutch ‘bitterballen’ as a starter, ‘boulettes liégeoises’ with hand-cut fries as a main and, to conclude, a royal duo of chocolate mousse. The student Ludovic, dressed to the occasion, served the fries in his ‘friterie Ludo’.  Additionally, students were able to enjoy cookies provided by Jules DE STROOPER.

In the evening a short introduction to West-Flemish was given by Mrs Julie ORTEGAT-TRAEN, Student Affairs Officer. Her workshop "Mohowzeg" was a fun and witty introduction to the local dialect but also a source of much laughter. Even the Belgian students discovered that West-Flemish is a very peculiar language. Op je muulle!

On Wednesday, team Benelux continued with the organisation of typical Benelux activities. As such a spectacular Beer tasting was organised in the common room of Biskajer Residence. The 50 lucky students were able to taste and grade more than 7 special beers provided by Ginette (AB Inbev), Brasserie Saison Dupont, Leopold 7 and Brasserie Lion. A fun and cultural evening full of beer! What more would you want?

On Thursday, some of the students were introduced to a real Benelux cantus in the student bar followed by a Belgian beer night. Once more, a successful evening that resulted in drinking many beers and completely losing one's voice!

On Friday, the Benelux team changed up the team and went from beers to waffles. In the Phoenix café students could take a break and enjoy deliciously baked speculoos, waffles and hot chocolate.

The Benelux week consisted of chocolate indulgence and continuous beer tasting concluded with a Belgian festival. The "Alors on Danse" festival transformed Oude Zak Residence into a completely different place,  with a true festival atmosphere. This party was a spectacular end to an amazing week.  At the bar students could enjoy many special Belgian beers and gin, locally produced in Zomergem.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all participants for their enthusiasm, the kitchen staff for their help during the lunch preparations and Julie for her amazing introduction into the local Bruges culture. Once again we would like to thank our sponsors for their help and support during our national week. More specific:  Confiserie-Chocolaterie CRÉVIN, Jules DE STROOPER, Leopold 7, Brasserie Lion, Brouwerij Haacht, Brasserie Saison Dupont, AB InbevAix vin de Provence and Rijvers Gin.


Team Benelux