Christmas Dinner of the European Legal Studies Department

On 11th December 2015, the students of the European Legal Studies Department hosted their first Christmas Dinner, with their academic assistants as honoured guests.

Once LAW / ELEA students were done with their last law exams on Friday, it was time to chill out. Not only did they meet to eat, it was also an occasion to sing Christmas carols, show their love for fellow classmates and thank academic assistants for their continuous efforts. All in all, they did their best in mixing the Spirit of the College with that of Christmas. And they did it in a casual way but still dressed up: with some of the most obnoxious/lovely Christmas jumpers ever (check pictures below).

The Repas Froids, the College´s Official Band, entertained everybody with an exclusive Christmas appearance which made everybody dance to pop/rock tunes and Christmas covers alike. Thank you very much, Repas Froids!

It was a nice occasion which helped the students to get a little break between exams, and which will hopefully turn into a tradition.

As Chopin Promotion´s Law reps, we want to wish all CoE faculty, staff and fellow students at both Bruges and Natolin a Merry Christmas and all the best for the upcoming 2016!



Student Representatives