The College of Europe as a perfect study destination for EU Affairs journalists

Each year we have a number of students eager to bring across their opinions and expertise on various European subjects (politics, environment, history, culture, defense, economics…). 

They do so either by writing for "La Voix du Collège", recording podcasts for "Burst the Bubble", organising debates on all kinds of hot topics but also by writing articles for "The New Federalist" (*), "Le Taurillon" and "Treffpunkt Europa". 

This year Louise GUILLOT, student of our European Political and Governance Studies department, is very driven and has been writing numerous articles.  

"I started writing for Le Taurillon about two years ago because I witnessed that some European news and topics were not at all covered by the press in my country. I wanted to participate to the European debate and bring awareness about unknown topics, as well as open my mind to other perspectives regarding what was going on in Europe. But, writing for Le Taurillon also helped me practice my language skills! Indeed, the magazine is available in seven different languages, which makes it easy to practice translation and work on that German I have left aside for too long.

This year I am the co-editor in chief of "Le Taurillon" (the French version of the magazine) and at the moment we are very much focused on Brexit and the upcoming European elections. We will be covering the campaign, interviewing candidates, analysing their programmes and organising events on that matter. Of course, we always welcome new contributors and motivated young people willing to work with us during this exiting year. So, if you feel like, join us!"

Last year's Simone Veil promotion also had 13 authors from the different study programmes at the College of Europe, coming from 12 different nationalities and all with different backgrounds. You can read their articles here

(*) The New Federalist has been the paper magazine of the Young European Federalists (JEF-Europe) for many years. In light of going green they made a switch in 2006 and focused on an electronic version. 

Studying one for our programmes gives a specialist point of view on topics touching today’s society but at the same it is the perfect training ground to become expert journalists to broadcast on European and global affairs. Also interested in becoming an EU expert? Then APPLY to the College of Europe!