EuropARTy at the College of Europe

This Europe Day (9 May), the College of Europe students in Bruges came together to celebrate the cultural richness of Europe with the College’s first ‘EuropARTy’!

With artistic performances showcasing the College’s various creative student groups, the event offered a packed audience of College students, staff and guests something a little different from the usual College agenda!

A real joint effort, the evening included musical performances by the student choir, Les Choristes, and several of the College’s talented musicians, including the College bands (‘Bakuna Matata’ and ‘One Directive’) and some special guests. At night, the Creative Writing Society also launched their anthology of poems, short stories, plays and other works produced during the College year, sold in support of PEN International. And the student-run bar, La Merveille, and The Phoenix Café were on hand for refreshments and homemade snacks!

The evening closed with the student theatre group, the fACTORy, presenting their own grand project for the year, a special performance of Max FRISCH’s dark comedy "The Arsonists". The organisers were extremely happy to have so many people enjoy the evening and grateful for the kind donations towards the College’s Students Run For Charity in support of migrants and refugees in Brussels.


EuropARTy "The Arsonists" - 9 May 2018