French & German Society student teams celebrate 58th anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée

To celebrate the 58th anniversary of the signature of the Treaty of Elysée (22 January 1963) by Konrad ADENAUER and Charles DE GAULLE, the French and German Society student teams jointly organize different activities. The most remarkable action point is the publication of a Franco-German Declaration, written by the French and German students of the College of Europe.  The commonly drawn up declaration, in French and German, echoes the spirit of the treaty, underlines the deep commitment for the Franco-German relationship and highlights the responsibility to contribute to a deepening of the relationships and the advancement of the EU.  "Today, we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the Treaty of Elysée. For us, this treaty symbolizes the most important cornerstone of our bilateral relationship and laid the very basis through which reconciliation, mutual understanding and a strong partnership could be achieved. Thanks to the Treaty of Elysée, our bilateral relationship could prosper and flourish in the following decades – enabling us today to benefit from numerous possibilities to meet, to talk and to connect", the students of the French and German Society accentuate their unique collaboration.  "Therefore, we have organised the following activities at the College of Europe in order to commemorate this special day: - A high-level conference on the future of the Franco-German relationship and its role for the European Union – together with the Permanent Representatives of France and Germany to the European Union.

- The publication of our joint declaration, highlighting our deep commitment to the Franco-German relationship and the progressive development of the European Union.

- A movie night in different residences where we will watch “Merry Christmas” and reflect together about the horrors of the past, the absurdity of war and the importance of European reconciliation. The movie night will take place under strict observation of the Covid-rules.

- The event will be rounded off culinarily with Tarte Flambée due to the highly symbolic value of Alsace-Lorraine for our relationship.

Initially, we planned to organize many more activities – ranging from tandem meetings to wine tastings. Due to the pandemic situation, this is currently not possible. However, we hope to be able to realize these activities in the months ahead.

Nevertheless, we would like to close this press statement on a positive note and underline that the challenges of the last months and our ability to cope with them have shown once more the crucial importance of the Franco-German cooperation and of our European Union.

Vive l'amitié franco-allemande - Es lebe die deutsch-französische Freundschaft."   


You can download the official Franco-German Declaration below: