"Giulio: One of Us": a story to be continued

On 25 January 2016 Giulio REGENI, a 28 year-old Italian PhD student at Cambridge University, was kidnapped, tortured and killed in Cairo, where he was conducting research on labour movements.

Since then, Amnesty International has been a strong advocate for truth about what happened to Giulio. The international campaign "Verità per Giulio Regeni" is asking for independent investigations in Egypt, as Cairo faces silence. 

Giulio’s parents are also frequently speaking up with remarkable strength, as many young people are supporting them every day in their plea for justice.



Last year, the Italian Society of the College of Europe (Keynes Promotion) joined this spontaneous movement, organising an event entitled "Giulio: One of Us - The Story of Giulio Regeni, Italian PhD student killed in Cairo in 2016” with the aim of raising awareness among students about Giulio’s story. 

Two years after the murder of Giulio, the call for truth and justice has yet to be answered.

That is why the Italian Society of the Keynes Promotion decided to continue giving its support to the international campaign "Verità per Giulio Regeni" by donating all the money left from last year’s Italian National Week to the fundraizing initiative put forward by Giulio's family. 

This was just a symbolic move, yet touching upon a cause so close to us all, as Giulio was taking opportunities thanks to education mobility like everyone of us.

We do hope that this can add a small contribution to keep the attention high on the issue, while putting in place a virtuous word-of-mouth able to raise awareness among our international friends and colleagues.

If you want to have more specific information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with:

Francesca NANTE & Gabriele ROSANA