ICT Service drives change at the College of Europe Bruges campus

ICT Service drives change in the way we all study and work at the CoE Bruges campus Mr Pieter CORNEILLIE, Director of ICT, and his team, have been working day and night to deliver top class technological solutions for students and faculty as well as administrative staff, since the lock-down was announced in Belgium. We asked him to explain:

"These are incredibly challenging times for us now that all academic teaching and all administrative work is done remotely. Students and professors can use our WebEx set-up to teach and meet remotely. Staff can use the virtual desktops to work remotely and have all their applications and data at hand. And thanks to the uncharted flexibility and commitment of my team, we were able to transition almost overnight. We even increased the opening hours for our support desk as we now follow the course timetable (there is no 9 to 5 anymore). The biggest challenge now is to keep all this secure and keep ‘the engine’ running."