The Institute for a Greater Europe

The Institute for a Greater Europe is a youth-led think tank based in Brussels that joins young Europeans all over Europe and beyond, publishing, discussing, and organising events based on a Europe thinking beyond borders and connecting around the world.

Founded in 2014 and moving around France and the UK before settling in Belgium, it has also become particularly close to the College of Europe, noting the shared values of European debate across the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea.

The project connects both current students of the College, such as Philippe LEFEVRE (IRD, Soares Promotion), it’s current Chairman, and Valentin LUNTUMBUE (EIS, Keynes Promotion) who was a former academic assistant in Bruges and current Editor-in-Chief of the Institute.

One of their proudest projects is the Greater European Journal, a peer-reviewed graduate journal bringing together some of the most interesting Greater European affairs each year. They have just published their second volume and they are glad to have hosted some more College Alumni in their pages.

Inside you can read Martina DE GAETANO'S (IRD, Arendt Promotion) article on the conflict between DG NEAR, DG Just and the battle for the Rule of Law. Furthermore, they’re happy to present Michael RICHTER'S (EIS, Arendt) Promotion) article on a Greater European Free Trade Agreement and its implications for Moscow. They also had among their peer reviewers College alumni and look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.

They are happy to be supported by the College of Europe library, and the Greater European Journal is now available within its bookshelves. Otherwise, if you are interested in purchasing a print copy of the journal, you can do so on the Institute’s website.

To find out more, please check out the Institute’s website, and follow them on social media.