Markant at the College of Europe

On 10 May 2017 the Bruges Women Association “Markant” has organized a special activity called “Gluren bij…” which means “peeking at...”.

A group of 120 Bruges ladies got the chance to visit various locations which are usually not open to public. One of the host families, Mr and Mrs DE BACKER-CLOET, was strongly involved in this organization. The College of Europe campus Verversdijk is one of them. Four students of the College of Europe were the perfect guide. They led the ladies throughout the building of Verversdijk. The students were the most authentic witnesses of life in such an international community.

Afterwards the students could participate in more activities. They got the chance to visit a house with authentic medieval paintings. The activity ended in a pleasant drink in the historic house “Empire” where they talked about the day in the special salons of Hotel Casselbergh.

A unique event for both the ladies and the students!