The Moldovan and Romanian national week took place between 25 February and 2 March 2019. We chose this week as it coincided with our national celebration of "Mărțișor", which welcomes the coming of spring. Through this week we wanted to show that although we are a small culture, we have a big spirit and a big heart. We can only hope we succeeded! 

We kicked off our week with a projection of promotional videos of our culture, and a flash mob under the anthem of the week – "Dragostea din Tei" (known and loved by our students as "Numa Numa Ei"). We closed the first day with a "DeWine" reception, where we showed off 9 types of Moldovan and Romanian wines complemented by various authentic sweets. Wine represents the jewel on the crown of the Moldovan and Romanian culture and economy, and we were enthused to share it with so many of our friends.

We continued our week with a high-level conference with the Moldovan Ambassador to the EU, H.E. Mr Eugen CARAS, at which our students could learn more about the country’s relation with the EU, particularly within the ENP framework. Pampering the audience with a reception of various foods and wines was, of course, a must!

On Thursday, we showed off our cuisine during the national lunch, and then invited our well-fed and happy students to a traditional dance workshop with "palinca" – a type of Romanian alcohol that they all enjoyed as much as much as we were sure they would!

On the last day we celebrated "Mărțișor", a beautiful tradition marking the coming of spring, where we gifted red and white bracelets to our friends and staff, and later invited them to the Phoenix café, where, once more, we took their minds off stress and worries with delicious cakes.