Nordic & Baltic National Week 2019

The Nordic and Baltic week started with a Quiz night inspired by Danish Hygge; serving hot drinks while challenging our friends with a quiz about our region. Two days later the Phoenix cafe opened for some traditional Swedish Fika, selling home-made pastries. The students of the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies department were in Geneva on Study trip during the week where they were offered the opportunity to visit the Lithuanian Permanent Mission to the UN. Upon their return on Friday, it was time for the lunch. Two days of preparations resulted in a meal with two starters consisting of: Swedish Knäckebröd with Salmon and Finnish Karjalanpiirakat, and the main multi-national dish called Pytt-i-Panna, an Estonian soup, a Lithuanian salad and the delicious multi-national dessert Semla. On Saturday, a Baltic event was organised where a presentation on the importance of music in the Baltic states was followed by a performance of the College Choir in Lithuanian and Estonian, as well as a reception. Finally, the end of the week was celebrated with a big Eurovision Party.

The Nordic & Baltic students were very happy and proud of the week they put together! Despite being a small group, they managed to create funny and appreciated events while teaching their friends about their home countries. It was a rewarding teamwork exercise that also made them a closer group. All in all, it was a great success!