Poland & Ukraine National Week 2015-2016

Polish-Ukrainian National Week : 8 – 14 February 2016
  • Monday, 8th of February - Opening Ceremony: Vernissage of an exhibition of photographs from Poland and Ukraine with a glass of Polish cider and sweets, followed by a Vodka tasting with Polish tapas, regional Ukrainian drinks and a pub quiz about Poland & Ukraine
  • Tuesday, 9th of February - Talk by EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Mrs Elżbieta Bieńkowska, followed by coffee, tea and sweets in the foyer.
  • Tuesday, 9th of February - Video conferences with a Natolin professor about Polish-Ukrainian history, followed by drinks and snacks in foyer.
  • Wednesday, 10th of February - Ukrainian short movies with CineClub                    
  • Thursday, 11th of February - Polish-Ukrainian lunch and the Polish-Ukrainian bar night 
  • Friday, 12th of February - movie screening + talk from a Ukrainian activist + tea serving
  • Sunday, 14th of February - Polish movie night (by CineClub)