Pulse of Europe and the European Manifest of Bruges

For the first time in November, then again in December, March, April, May and June, the Pulse of Europe beat in Bruges. Allied with the network of around 250 more cities all over the continent, we organized the pro-European demonstrations in the city centre of our temporary home-town.

The participants shared their views on European integration, their visions for the continent and their European moments or experiences. At the last event, we published and signed the European Manifest of Bruges that was handed over to the Mayor of Bruges on the event of rewarding the honorary citizenship to the students of the Simone Veil promotion 2017/2018. It was a great moment to bring the European enthusiasm from the street in the town hall and a great opportunity to mark the end of this year's Pulse of Europe initiative.

Thanks to everyone who joined our rallies, who singed the manifest and who supported the Pulse of Europe throughout the year. We hope that it will have a long-lasting impact on the city and that a new Pulse of Europe team will be created in September.

The Manifest* can be found here.

* Created & translated by students

Pulse of Europe Bruges