Reopening of the Phoenix Café

After the summer break, the Phoenix Café has reopened in the afternoon of Wednesday, 3 October 2018.

Thanks to a large group of volunteers from many different countries including Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ukraine and the UK, staff and students from the Marín promotion no longer have to endure mediocre coffee.

The rush for the reopening was enormous, but the team came well-prepared: along with Russian chocolate cheesecake, regular cheesecake, marble cake, and cherry crumble cake (all of which were homemade, of course!), the different varieties of coffee enjoyed great popularity. The Phoenix Café team relies on organic and Fairtrade-certified coffee beans and milk to meet the college’s social and ecological responsibilities. The joy about this wide selection was written all over the students’ faces: with ambient music playing in the background, high-quality coffee and a delicious piece of cake, a pleasant atmosphere prevailed not only in the foyer inside the lecture hall building, but also in the sunny courtyard of the Verversdijk site where staff and students came together to get to know each other better and enjoy themselves.

With the Phoenix Café initiative, we hope to offer a space for regular encounters, relaxation and exchange in the course of the academic year, which is often neglected before, after and during the short breaks between lectures. As volunteers, we appreciate the permission to bake in one of the residences as well as the college restaurant, which has demonstrated great support and flexibility towards us. Since we will probably make a small profit despite the already very low prices, the surplus will be donated to a charity at the end of the year.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook to stay informed about our opening times (usually Wednesdays, 2-5 pm) and special activities! The Phoenix Café team is looking forward to satisfying your craving for homemade cake and your thirst for freshly brewed coffee.