Second (and last) edition of LVC: European Identity

La Voix du Collège is a bilingual online newspaper edited by a dedicated team of students of the Manuel Marín Promotion of the College of Europe. It's a non-profit student initiative founded in September 2015. The aim is to provide the students with a space in which they can fully raise their "voice" and freely express themselves and share their experiences with the College community, both on the academic and personal level. This means that it's a place of understanding, concord and dialogue.

The editorial team of La Voix du Collège is pleased to share its second and last edition of the Hannah Arendt Academic Year. Despite the difficult conditions of the last part of their year, they decided to put all of their efforts to launch this edition about "European Identity": What does it mean for us, in 2020, to be European, in all of our diversity, but also our unity and shared values?"

They want to warmly thank all of the contributors to this edition. Paper versions were also available to read in the residences.