The 21st edition of the French-speaking Simulation of the European Parliament Québec-Canada-Europe (SPECQUE) ended after a memorable week.  From 29 July to 5 August 2018, four students of the Veil Promotion 2017-2018 (Mario BARKA, Hugo NUNES DA SILVA, Maxime CANON and Bernat MIQUEL) represented ALDE and EPP members of the European Parliament in plenary sessions and different commissions working on environmental prejudice, health access for migrants, European associations and fake news.


For a week, they negotiated different texts—regulations, directives and resolutions—while enjoying Montreal and meeting people from all around the world. They got to know the functioning of the European Parliament, as well as Canada, Canadians and their vision of the EU, which had a genuine added value after a year of studies in Bruges. 

Above all, they got to know each other better and to create real and lasting friendships! They were also surprised to see that their delegation was bigger than they thought, because they met College alumni who were also taking part in the simulation — Mario PAGANO, Nicolas BELLIÈRE and Adrien PAGANO — as well as students of the Manuel MARÍN promotion 2018/2019!

Once again, the College brought together people from all over Europe in their commitment to know more about the EU and to meet the generation that will shape the Union and its future.

Together, they did their best to represent the College and are proud to say that their delegation won two prizes! Hugo NUNES DA SILVA received the best diplomat and best male recruit of the year prizes!

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