Student Michalina KOWALA performs violin concert at local charity event

Michalina KowalaOn Saturday 7 November, Michalina KOWALA supported a local charity event in the city of Bruges with a lovely violin concert. Our Polish student from the EU Political and Governance Studies Department performed a selection of songs while the socially committed people of Open Balie, a non-profit organisation of the Saint Donatian pastoral unit in Bruges, served soup to the local needy people.  

"I made a medley of well-know and liked songs. The main goal was to take the participants on a musical journey. I started with my favourite French, Spanish, Russian and Italian songs, then switched to soundtracks such as 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and 'Game 'of Thrones' and I finished with the greatest pop songs",  explains Michalina KOWALA. 

"In a difficult time like the one we’re facing today, in many months of the ongoing pandemic when loneliness, old age or poverty brings even more challenges than usually - the local charity event that took place last Saturday shows how important it is to help other persons and how a smile or a good word can turn your day around." 

Bruges student Michalina is very happy that she could contribute to a local charity project for the less fortunate: "Sometimes you don't even need words to be able to communicate and give hope - a few sounds of your favourite song are enough. This is the power of music that allows to believe that everything is still ahead of us. During the Saturday event I took the participants on a musical journey trying to make them forget about the worries of everyday life, at least for a moment. It was a beautiful lesson in humanity." 



It was not the first time that Michalina KOWALA, student of the Mário Soares Promotion, showed her extraordinary musical talent. Together with her fellow student Thomas MAINGUY-SOURDIN, she also delivered the musical interlude during the Opening Ceremony of the academic year 2020-2021: