Students thank their residence warden

In difficult times of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, our students have to spend a lot of time in their student residences in the centre of Bruges and that means they depend on the precious support and care of the dedicated residence warden. To show and share their gratitude, the students of the Gouden Hand residence realized a small, but heartwarming video for their residence warden Claudine WOUTERS, answering in one word the question "What is Claudine to you?".  Needless to say that this wonderful testimonial video shows the importance of the residence wardens in these exceptionally challenging times.   "We would like to thank not only Claudine but all our residence wardens for being there every day of the week to make sure the students are well taken care off",  adds Steven DE RUYSSCHER, Director Facilities & Hotel Services of our Bruges campus. And last but not least, we wanted to grant Claudine WOUTERS the possibility to express her feelings and after seeing the testimonial, she immediately sent a message to her dearest students of Gouden Hand: "Thank you for the lovely video! It's nice to be appreciated, as I appreciate you. I hope we can all make the best of this situation, which hopefully will not last too much longer. Happy Easter and thanks again!"  #EUsolidarity