Successful first editions of digital Student National Weeks

Difficult and challenging times ask for creativity and flexibility. Over the past few weeks, our students had to cope with the huge impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their busy and animated academic and student life. More specifically, our different student teams and societies had to drastically change their scheduled events and activities in light of the wonderful Student National Weeks. Our resilient students decided to carry on bravely and they came up with the lovely idea of digital versions of their national weeks. The Nordic-Baltic Society, the Students Association for Gender Equality (SAGE) and the French Society respectively organised the Nordic-Baltic National Week, La Semaine Française Digitale and the Gender Week. Relive the extraordinary online events:  23 March-26 March 2020: 'Nordic-Baltic Week goes digital'  27 March-29 March 2020:  'Enjoy the Gender Week(end) and join the gender challenge' 30 March-4 April 2020: 'French Society looks back on successful Semaine Française Digitale'  

  The Nordic-Baltic National Week

       The Gender Week by SAGE

       The French National Week