Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan National Week 2020

The Ukrainian Community organised a Ukrainian Christmas celebration on 7 January 2020, as it is celebrated in Ukraine. In the spirit of Christmas in Ukraine, students sang some Christmas carols, and cooked the traditional Christmas dish "kutia" for the participants. There was a short quiz conducted with tasty treats from Ukraine for the winners. The evening finished with the movie which is commonly watched in Ukraine these days: "The Night Before Christmas".

The students from Ukraine, Georgia and Azerbaijan presented their cultures on Friday evening to show some of the similarities and differences between those and European cultures. From Ukrainian side, we had the honour to welcome Mrs Svitlana LEBIGA, a local artist, with her thought-provoking art exhibition; as well as a flowers exposition from MIO Gallery, a paper art studio. The exhibition was accompanied by Georgian music. In addition, there was a quiz done on the Georgian alphabet, accompanied by some food and cultural specialties. We also enjoyed Azerbaijani pakhlava and others desserts offered by the Azerbaijani students.

The reception was enriched with a tasting of the national wines from all three countries. 


Ukraine, Georgia an Azerbaijan National Week 2020