A visit to the Halve Maan Brewery

Almost every single student of the College of Europe (Bruges) has already tried Brugse Zot, particularly after the generous reception offered by Bruges Mayor Renaat LANDUYT.

However, few among us knew how Brugse Zot, and beer in general, is brewed.

The Belgian Society decided to organize a visit to the Halve Maan Brewery, so students at the College could discover the brewery process of their favorite Bruges beer. At the same time, it would also make them more familiar with one of Belgium’s most important traditions. These objectives were more than achieved.

At the Halve Maan Brewery, we did not only see where beer is brewed, our guide also explained the brewery process in detail as well as the historical evolution. We learned the story behind the beer pipeline (the first in the world!), and we were told some specificities about Belgian beers. It was a very interesting experience, which only became more pleasant when we were offered some Brugse Zot at the end of the visit.

Our continued consumption of Belgium’s most famous export product has now at least become culturally acceptable!