"Women in Leadership": Speech and Q&A session with the European Ombudsman

On 24 January 2018, the SAGE (Student Association for Gender Equality) group hosted a speech and Q&A session with the European Ombudsman, Emily O’REILLY, on the topic of "Women in Leadership".

Ms O’ REILLY was formerly a critically acclaimed journalist, author and political editor. From 2003 until 2013, Ms O’ REILLY was the first female Ombudsman and Information Commissioner in Ireland. Since 2013, she has served as the European Ombudsman, and is therefore one of Europe’s most prominent female leaders.

The SAGE group was honoured that Ms O’ REILLY agreed to speak in a refreshingly honest manner about the personal challenges that she has faced as a female leader. In addition, she discussed a wide variety of issues facing women in the workplace, including sexual harassment, pay inequality and parental leave.