Bruges prepares for September start

Curious about what the college might be like next academic year?

We asked Professor Michele CHANG (European Political and Governance Studies Department) for some first indications as to what the new academic year might look like in Bruges in light of the ongoing covid situation. 

Michele CHANG: "The College is committed to retaining as much of the College formula as possible while adhering to government guidelines. We have a working party that is devising a strategy right now. We can expect fewer people in the classrooms in order to maintain social distancing. How we will manage this (rotation system, for example, students following remotely) is yet to be confirmed. We can tell you that the College will welcome students on campus for the upcoming academic year. There will be further details at the end of the month. We would also note that the College has facilities to enable a quarantine if a student requires it, as all of the student accommodation is a single room with private bathroom and the canteen can deliver meals."