Bruges students participate in International Model NATO

From 12-14 February 2021, six students of the EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies and the Transatlantic Affairs programmes of the College of Europe successfully participated in the International Model NATO Conference (IMNATO). Student teams from thirty different European and North American universities took part in the 36th edition of IMNATO organised by Howard University, Converse College and Kent State University, in collaboration with Embassies of NATO member states in Washington, DC.

The annual simulation of the proceedings of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization took place virtually and the College student team represented NATO member state Portugal. Professor Simon J. SMITH, who teaches the course "Drivers of European Defence Cooperation and the Transatlantic Alliance",  and Senior Academic Assistant Oleksandra ZMIYENKO acted as their faculty advisors.  In the framework of the preparation, the team met with the Portuguese Delegation to NATO for a fruitful briefing.

The Model NATO simulation offered students a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of the capabilities and constraints that shape the policies of NATO countries in determining matters of collective security.  We would like to congratulate our students Hannah BRANDT (Germany/United States), Michelangelo DE LISI (France/Italy), Aly EMEIRA (Egypt/France), Philippe LEFEVRE (UK/France), Anna-Liisa MERILIND (Estonia) and Rana MIZRAK (Turkey/Belgium) for their achievements. Philippe won an “Outstanding Delegate Award” and a “Leadership in Committee Award”, while Anna-Liisa, Aly and Michelangelo all won a “Superior Delegate Award”.