Nicolas Marcoux (FR) is a Senior Governance Specialist in the Governance team of the Irish Institute of Public Administration (IPA, Dublin), where he provides expertise and consultancy services to various state and semi-state bodies, charitable and not-for-profit organisations on issues regarding good governance arrangements, policy effectiveness and impact assessment. Before this, he was Head of the International Unit of the IPA, managing all international projects and programmes of the Institute.

Prior to joining the IPA, Nicolas Marcoux worked for the European Commission (DG Relex, DG Development and DG Enlargement), providing support and capacity-building on various development issues and governance reforms to many public bodies and NGOs in third countries (sub-Sahara Africa, the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe). He was appointed Director of the EU Foundation for Human Rights in South Africa (Pretoria) from 1996 to 2000, Programme Manager for the European Agency for Reconstruction in Kosovo (Pristina) in 2000, and Head of Operations of the Agency’s Belgrade centre (2001-2003). He also worked as Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Unit of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and is currently a member of the Audit and Evaluation Committee of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

Nicolas Marcoux is an experienced lecturer and trainer: he teaches on many degrees/diplomas in the IPA and provides training to European Commission officials on Public Policy Analysis, Policy Dialogue and EU Project Management. He is particularly interested in the evaluation of development and cooperation programmes and has published a review of evaluations systems in various donor countries and challenges in reconciling with aid effectiveness principles (“Challenges to evaluation of foreign aid”, in Administration, vol. 9, 2011, published by the Institute of Public Administration).

Nicolas Marcoux holds a Doctorate in Governance from Queen’s University Belfast, is an alumnus of the College of Europe, where he graduated in European Legal Studies, and holds a Master’s degree in Public Law from the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas.



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