Opening ceremony of the European Diplomatic Academy

Promotion picture of the first group of European Diplomatic Academy participants for 2023-2024The official Opening Ceremony for the current promotion of junior diplomats attending the European Diplomatic Academy was held in Bruges on 19 October 2023. The ceremony marked the official start of the training programme for the first cohort of participants of 2023-2024.

On this occasion, the Secretary General of the European External Action Service, Mr. Stefano SANNINO, gave a keynote speech. This was followed by a Q&A with the audience which also included guests from EU institutions, Permanent Representations of EU Member States to the EU, and College professors and students.

The College of Europe is currently conducting the phase 2 of the European Diplomatic Academy Pilot Programme, launched by the EEAS in 2022, which aims to train young European diplomats and EU officials on policies, procedures and diplomatic practices in the field of EU external action, with the objective of acquiring the necessary skills and competencies to effectively promote and defend the EU’s values and interests in the world. This year’s programme will welcome and train two consecutive cohorts of young diplomats (from September 2023 to January 2024, and from February to June 2024).


Photos from the Opening Ceremony:

Opening Ceremony of the European Diplomatic Academy 2023-2024 - 19.10.2023, Bruges campus