Opening Student Bar "Vogel-Pubsky"

Thursday 7 October 2021 was the first night of the student bar after nearly two years of closure for Covid. The challenge of building a team and setting up the bar in 10 days was great and it was an intense and busy week, but also a week full of discoveries and surprises.

We discovered the industry of salesmen, sponsors, repairmen, technicians, DJs and evenstudent bar Claudine (residence warden of Gouden Hand Residence) who is behind the bar, between logistics, communication and shift.

But what we learned most of all on Thursday night was the
fun and pleasure of working as a team around the traditional (and festive!) student bar project! All of the students were very appreciative and encouraging and thought we were a great team (which we are!). After the evening, many offered to join
us for a few shifts.

We thank Student Affairs Office and the students a thousand times for their enthusiasm and support, and we look forward to seeing you on Thursdays for a new evening that promise to be ... Vogel-Pubsky!