Publication: tellUs final report 2022-2023

This week, the students participating in the tellUs extracurricular activity have presented their final policy paper to the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission. 

Students participating in this activity have drafted this report after several meetings with relevant officials from the European Commission and civil society actors.  These meetings have allowed them to gather inputs as regards the missions of Horizon Europe, identify the main issues at stake, and draft a relevant number of proposals systematically presented in three chapters: Chapter 1: Climate change adaptation; Chapter 2: Climate-neutral and smart cities; Chapter 3: Prevention, cure and care - What can the EU do for people fighting cancer and their communities? 

Please, find below the Report : 

tell us

Thank you to all participants of the tellUs and contributors for their insightful input. 

For any further information regarding this paper, please contact Pablo VILLATORO HARILLO.