Recent publication by Prof. Emiliano ALESSANDRI

Dr Emiliano ALESSANDRI, Visiting Professor in the MATA program, has recently published a chapter on "The Rise of China and Transatlantic Strategy" as part of the Routledge edited volume Transatlantic Relations: Challenge and Resilience.


China has rapidly emerged as a key—perhaps defining—test for the future of transatlantic unity and influence. Yet, for all the talk about confronting China, the US and Europe have yet to come up with full-fledged strategies matching available means with well-defined objectives. Problematically, Europe and the US are entering a new era of strategic competition without having figured out what a realistic endgame looks like. A rushed shift from engagement to containment may not be the best course. Rather, transatlantic partners should focus on articulating a new engagement policy no longer based on the flawed expectation of an eventual convergence between China and the West. While reaching consensus will remain a complicated process, what should drive transatlantic strategy is the lucid recognition that Europe and the US are ultimately bound to succeed or fail together in the high-stakes contest they have before them.