SAGE delegation visits AZ Sint-Jan Hospital with proceeds of Pink-October campaign

On Friday 19 November, two members of the Student Association for Gender Equality (SAGE) paid a visit to the Oncology Centre of the AZ Sint-Jan Hospital in Bruges, one of Flanders' biggest medical centers for cancer treatment.

Marina SAHELICES CARRASCO and Health Officer Karolina LISKOVCOVA, both students of the Éliane Vogel-Polsky Promotion of our CoE Bruges campus, had the opportunity to meet with the staff members of the medical department and kindly delivered the proceeds of 220 euros, an amount collected through SAGE's dedicated Pink-October Ribbon Sale prevention campaign. 

"The wonderful nurses, doctors and a psychologist were all incredibly nice and welcoming. We managed to sell 90 ribbons, which is an amazing contribution from the students and the staff of our Bruges campus. The experience was lovely and heavy at the same time. Especially the oncological department is not an agreeable place to be. However, all members of staff are doing everything they can to make the environment as friendly as possible for the patients", explain Marina and Karolina.

"The money we raised will go to little and sweet support items to make the patients feel better and to raise their spirits during the time they must spend in the hospital. Among those are, for example, little stuffed toys for their children and grandchildren with hidden pockets in them, into which the children can pass messages and questions to the staff and or supportive drawings for their loved ones", say the board members of the Student Association for Gender Equality. 

"During this short, yet moving visit, we felt an incredible sense of community and togetherness. We cannot express enough how delighted and grateful we are that we have had this amazing opportunity to contribute to the efforts of the Oncology Department, thanks to the whole campaign and the engagement and interest of our fellow students."

The board of SAGE would like to thank everybody involved in the extraordinary campaign to support the breast cancer awareness month and will stay in touch with the Oncology Centre in Bruges regarding any future support.