Student football team FC Traquenard sponsored by non-profit association

Leg's GoOn Wednesday 10 November, our Bruges campus football team FC Traquenard had the chance to play with a brand new football kit and our CoE squad brought the victory home. "We are delighted to announce that this year, the football team will be sponsored by the Belgian association Leg’s Go. Our football kits have been entirely paid for by the association, allowing us to practice our sport and not only represent the College of Europe, but also Leg’s Go, for all our upcoming football games", says team member Nicolas DECRU. 

Leg’s Go is a Belgian non-profit association funding prosthesis to people with disabilities missing one leg, or sometimes both. Created in 2015 by Luc Huberty, former para-triathlete, the association has been raising money ever since through the organisation of activities and events of all kinds, but also donations and merchandising. In five years, the association has already financed a couple dozen prosthesis, the price of which ranges from 10 000 euros up to 20 000 euros, to allow disabled person to practice a sport.

Yet, there is still much to do, as every year 2.000 people get amputated in Belgium. If you want to support this wonderful endeavour, you can purchase merchandise from the association’s website, make a donation (BE31 3631 5331 0055), or simply like or subscribe to their Facebook page
, any of these would be deeply appreciated.

"On behalf of the entire football team, I would like to express our most sincere gratitude to Leg’s Go, and its President Luc Huberty. We are deeply honored to have become ambassadors for the association and are looking forward to representing Leg’s Go with all our heart while spreading the message of hope and resilience at the core of the association", Nicolas DECRU, student of the Éliane Vogel-Polsky Promotion, expresses his satisfaction. 


FC Traquenard Football Team



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