Students enjoy sociable Glühwein event at Garenmarkt

The DACH Society organized a Glühwein event on Friday the 17th of December in front of the canteen at Garenmarkt. The money used for the mulled wine originated from the money left from the previous promotion as well as a donation from the city of Nuremberg, the official sponsor of the event. The canteen staff was extremely helpful during the organization of the event. The students received a huge self-heating container for the mulled wine which has been warmed up before at the canteen by the staff. The canteen provided cups and extension cables.

"We are very grateful for the help and assistance as well as the good communication. A great number of students participated before or after the weekend’s ‘repas froid’. Approximately 100-120 students actively participated in the event", says Lukas KARL on behalf of the DACH Society. "The money gained by selling mulled wine and self-baked gingerbread will be used for the organization of the events during the National Week in 2022. The College choir performed several times during the event and people stayed listening to Christmas music. We created a very cozy German Christmas market atmosphere that was very successful, especially because of the help provided by the canteen staff."


DACH event 1



DACH event 2


DACH event 3