European General Studies programme

​The students of the European Legal Studies Department, the Political and Governance Studies Department and the European Economic Studies Department take part in the European General Studies programme, which encourages the students to go beyond their specialised training. Participation in this programme is compulsory: students have to follow one course in the programme each semester. 

On the one hand, European General Studies courses cover subjects which are not (or only marginally) addressed by the specialised Master’s programmes.
On the other hand, the European General Studies Programme allows students to experience interdisciplinarity , since its courses bring together students from three different specialised study programmes. These courses allow students to discover new approaches and methods, and to acquire a more complete understanding of Europe in all its complexity.

Like the Master’s programmes, which it completes, European General Studies include 1st semester courses taught during the first semester and more specialised courses taking place in the second semester. Students have to take one course and one seminar.

The programme also seeks to develop students' leadership skills via compact seminars (non assessed optional courses), as well as regular guest lectures.

Students following the European Law and Economic Analysis (ELEA) and European Public Policy Analysis (EPPA) options only have to take one seminar.

Students from the EU countries benefiting from a full scholarship financed by the College of Europe in the framework of the European neighbourhood policy must follow the second term EG course « The EU's Eastern Partnership : Policy, Peoples and Regional Power Politics » taught by Prof. G. BOSSE or the course « L’Europe et la Méditerranée », taught by Prof. M. KÖHLER.

Academic Coordinator: Didier GEORGAKAKIS
Assistants: Margaux COGNARD, GIAUFFRET Charlotte, Marylou HAMM, 
Secretary: Annelies DECKMYN