Quality assurance policy

The quality assurance policy of the Master of Arts in European Transformation and Integration of the College of Europe will aim at the continuous improvement of the quality of the academic programme in an excellent learning environment that will also provide high standards of administrative and other supporting services. The Academic Council is the key body ensuring the standards of excellence of the programme. A key mechanism is the annual review of the curriculum proposed by the Director of Studies of the ETI programme.   

In particular, the implementation of the ETI quality assurance policy will presuppose the application of quality procedures which will ensure: 

  • The high-quality standards of the structure and organisation of the programme for the fulfilment of its mission.   
  • The continuous development, revision and improvement of the curriculum, keeping pace with the most recent developments in the field of European Studies, with a particular focus on the transformation and European integration of Southeastern Europe.  
  • The alignment of the program’s activities with trends in the labour market, through a continuous needs assessment in consultation with external stakeholders.  
  • The pursuit of domain-specific learning outcomes and qualifications in accordance with the European Framework of Higher Education Qualifications.  
  • The promotion of teaching excellence, through the employment of a faculty comprised of top-level academics and practitioners in the field of European integration and transformation.  
  • The development of an intellectually stimulating student-centred learning environment, in modern and well-equipped facilities where students are provided with high quality administrative and supporting services.  
  • The transparency and predictability of the expectations and requirements for the successful completion of studies.  
  • The implementation of an annual cyclical quality assurance system for the continuous improvement of the programme. 

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