The Programme is articulated over the five dimensions of the Energy Union. It covers, amongst others, the following topics and activities:

  • Introduction to the EU and the Energy Union (governance and legal tools);
  • Energy consumption and energy efficiency;
  • Energy in the transport sector: the needs, constraints and goals (decarbonisation);
  • Electricity: electrification of energy systems, electricity markets moving towards a Single Electricity Market;
  • Climate Change and global climate negotiations;
  • Energy diplomacy: Energy security and the geopolitics of energy; 
  • Research and Innovation in the field of energy;
  • Financing the Energy transition and EU financial instruments;
  • Innovation and behavioural economics
  • Business case studies and country case studies;
  • Simulation game;
  • Study Visits to the EU Institutions and to an LNG Terminal;
  • Lessons learned and challenges ahead.

For more details, you can download the 2019 programme here. Please note that this course can be tailor made info.development [at] (on demand) for specific groups.

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