EU Transport and Railway Affairs (ETCR)

The European Training Centre for Railways (ETCR), the College of Europe and the European Union Agency for Railways are jointly organizing the 58th edition of the ETCR Seminar on EU Transport and Railway Affairs, a summer school taking place fully online from 23 June to 16 July 2021: one full day on 23 June, 5 full days from 28 June to 2 July, and two half days on 9 & 16 July

The seminar

The aim of the seminar is to offer railway related organisations an annual seminar on the latest developments within the railway sector at a European level. Participants get the unique opportunity to embark on an interactive journey and work in an international environment, to set up a network among colleagues from European and non-European countries and think about the changes within their sector, as well on national as on international level. They get the opportunity to confront the changes they are working out at home with the solutions others have given to similar problems in the various European countries.

The programme

This annual seminar covers the following issues:

  • European integration from a historical and socio-economic point of view;
  • the key rail transport issues within Europe;
  • other transport modes;
  • the viewpoint of the railway customers;
  • professional and cultural exchanges;
  • international teamwork on the basis of a realistic project at European level.

The programme has been specifically designed to create a unique virtual space for learning, networking and exchanging ideas. The participants will benefit from interactive training sessions, group practical exercises, panel debates, case studies and online social events. 

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