First Bruges European Business Conference

EU2020 - What role for European business?

On 18 March 2010, the College of Europe’s Economics Department - in partnership with Deloitte - organised the first "Bruges European Business Conference”. Under the title “EU2020 - What Role for European Business", participants discussed the role European business can play in the pursuit of EU2020 goals.

This conference was the first in a series of annual Business conferences, attracting participants from companies and business associations with a view to engage in in-depth discussions on business-topics with a panel of high-level speakers from academia, business and the EU Commission.

The “Bruges European Business Conferences” are set up in the framework of the College’s new specialisation on “European economic integration and business” (EEIB), which aims to offer students a unique combination of high-level economic analysis of European integration with an understanding of business and corporate strategy. Students of the EEIB specialisation took part in the conference and had the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with business representatives.




If you are interested in one of the presentations, please contact Ms. Moerman

Workshop on Business views on EU2020

M. STOCKER_Presentation
O. SLOTBOOM_Presentation
C. PICKING_Presentation

Workshop on Innovation in European Business

D. VASCONCELOS_Presentation

Workshop on Lowering Red Tape

E. BERGRENN_Presentation
H.VAN DE VELDE_Presentation

Workshop on Logistics and the Internal Market


Workshop on Energy and EU2020

J. BAKKES_Presentation
J.P. PEERS_Presentation
N. REGA_Presentation

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