Faculty & staff

The Department's faculty comes from over a dozen different countries and draws on both academics and practitioners. Its members offer a great variety of topics, lecture styles and training methods. All courses are supported by academic assistants who ensure a smooth organisation, offer tutorials and help students with supplementary academic and practical advice.

IRD Department

From left to right: Jacopo GIRAUDO, Stef BORGERS, Ediz Topcuoglu, Sabine DEKEYSER, Sara CANALI, Simon SCHUNZ, Sieglinde GSTÖHL, Jonathan SCHNOCK & Adela PINTEA (not on the picture: Hanna CORSINI)

General News


EU Diplomacy Paper 6/2021

The Department of EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies has published a new EU Diplomacy Paper entitled "EU Climate Diplomacy: Projecting Green Global Leadership" written by Marc...