Welfare Buddies' dog walk

On the 9th of February, the Welfare Buddies organised another event for the students at the College of Europe.

We spent the afternoon at animal shelter ‘Blauwe Kruis’, where we went on a walk with dogs!

Baloo, Karma, Kiki, Charlie, Flok, Zeus and Brutus proved to be the cutest walking partners.

Some people already had experience walking dogs, while for others, it was the first time walking a dog (or the dog walking them). Yet others were more drawn towards the cats and bunnies who we could admire from the windows, and one student was particularly intrigued by a duck that walked on the shelter premises (pictures as evidence).

With this activity, we were hoping to give students who miss their pets the chance to walk and play with dogs, so that they would feel less homesick. At the same time, it was also an afternoon filled with nice conversations between the students.

We look forward to organising this activity again with many of you!