Coralie Ballieu (FR) joined the Transatlantic Affairs Programme as an Academic Assistant in March 2024.

Coralie holds an MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies major in the EU and its Complex Neighbourhoods from the College of Europe in Natolin, Poland (2022-2023, David Sassoli Promotion), an MA in Areas Studies on Russia – Central Eastern Europe from the University of Geneva, Switzerland (2022) and a BA in Political Science from UCLouvain Saint-Louis Bruxelles, Belgium (2020). She also attended the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia for an exchange semester focusing on Post-Soviet Studies (2021-2022) and the Voronezh State University, Russia for an Erasmus+ exchange (2020).

Before joining the College, Coralie was a trainee as the Council of the European Union, in the Directorate-General for External Relations, directorate (RELEX.3) for Eastern Europe and Asia (2023-2024). During her stay in Moscow, she had the opportunity to participate in the NATO-Russia Youth Roundtable, co-organised by the NATO Information Office in Moscow (2021).

Fields of interest: European Integration, EU enlargement and neighbourhood, EU-Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Moldova relations, Eastern Partnership, History of Central Eastern Europe, Central Asia.

Georges Mink and Zoltán Illés (eds.) “European integration in Central and Eastern Europe: Stuck between liberalism, history and geopolitics”, European and Global Studies Journal 5th Special Issue, Università degli Studi di Torino, 43 p.

European integration in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine: assessing the role and strategies of the European Union in the Eastern Neighbours compared with the Western Balkans”, Université de Genève, 2022, 91 p.