Current position

Professor of Public Policy, Department of Political Science, University College London.

Course offered

Interest Representation in the EU (30h) with Alexander KATSAITIS

Previous professional affiliations

London Business School
Max Planck Institute, Cologne


PhD European University Institute, Florence

Other professional activities

Vice Dean International for Social Sciences at University College London.

Research interests

Business & Government, EU public Policy, Interest Groups, Regulation & Governance.

Recent publications

  • Coen D, A Katsaitis, M Vannoni (2021) Business Lobbying in the EU.  Oxford University Press.
  • Coen D. A, Katsaitis. (2021) "Governance, Accountability and Political Legitimacy. Who Participates in European Parliament Hearings.” Journal European Integration.
  • Coen, D. M. Vannoni (2020) “Where are the revolving doors in Brussels? Sector switching and career progression in companies’ EU Business-Government Affairs. American Review of Public Administration.50:1:3-17
  • Coen, D. M, Guidi, A, Héritier, N, Yordanova, (2020) “The Logic of Business Regulatory Venue Shopping.”  Public Policy and Administration.
  • Coen, D, J P Salter (2020) “Multi-Level Regulatory Governance: Establishing bank-regulator relationships at the European Banking Authority” Business and Politics.22:1:113-13

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