Dia Anagnostou is a Senior Research Fellow at ELIAMEP, and Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at Panteion University of Social Sciences. She has held research positions at the University of Cyprus, at Princeton University, and the European University Institute in Florence. Anagnostou is an expert on comparative politics, human rights and European governance. Her research has focused on international law, courts and supranational institutions on domestic politics and on rights protection, specifically in relation to gender equality, minorities, migrants and vulnerable groups. Anagnostou has over fifteen years of research and teaching experience, including as coordinator or partner in several research projects on human rights, international legal institutions, and EU policies, mostly funded under the European Commission's framework programs. Her research has been published in over fifty book chapters and peer-review journals, and she is currently completing a book manuscript on “Reforming immigration and minority policies from afar: Civil society in the European Convention of Human Rights” (forthcoming, 2022).

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