Hussein KASSIM

Current position

Professor in Politics at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and ESRC Senior Fellow ‘The UK in a Changing Europe

Course offered

KASSIM H. - Understanding Brexit : Causes, Consequences and Challenges (8h)

Previous professional affiliations

Permanent positions: Birkbeck, University of London (1994-2007); University of Nottingham (1993-94)
Temporary positions: New College, Oxford; Balliol College, Oxford; Worcester College, Oxford
Visiting positions: Columbia University, the Minda da Gunzberg Center for European Studies at Harvard University, New York University, Sciences Po Paris, ARENA at the University of Oslo, and the European University Institute


BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, New College, Oxford
MPhil in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford
DPhil in Politics, Nuffield College, Oxford

Other professional activities

Programme Associate of The European Governance and Politics Programme, European University Institute
ECPR Standing Group on the European Union, Member of the Executive
ECPR Standing Group on Regulation, Member of the Executive

Research interests

EU institutions especially the European Commission and the European administration - PI, ‘The European Commission: Where now? Where next?’ and ‘Understanding the EU Civil Service: the General Secretariat of the Council’; the relationship between the EU and the member states, including Brexit - PI of the ESRC-funded project, ‘Negotiating Brexit: national governments, EU institutions and the UK’; and EU policy in aviation and competition

Recent publications

  • Kassim, H., and  Laffan, B. (2019) ‘The Juncker Presidency: The “Political Commission” in Practice’, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies,  57:  49– 61.
  • Kassim, H., Saurugger, S., & Puetter, U. (2019) ‘The Study of National Preference Formation in Times of the Euro Crisis and Beyond’, Political Studies Review
  • Murdoch, Z.,Kassim, H., Connolly, S. and Geys, B. (2018) ‘Do international institutions matter? Socialization and international bureaucrats’, European Journal of International Relations, 25 (3): 852-877,
  • Murdoch, Z.,Connolly, S., and Kassim, H., (2018) ‘Bureaucratic Representation and the “Democratic Deficit” of the European Commission’ (with), Journal of European Public Policy, 25(3): 389-408,
  • Kassim, H. (2016) ‘London calling: revisiting the national coordination of EU policy in the UK’, Revue Française de l’Administration Publique, 158(2), 431-446
  • Connolly, S. and Kassim, H. (2016) ‘“Supranationalism” in question: beliefs, values and the socializing power of the European Commission revisited’, Public Administration, doi:10.1111/padm.12250
  • Kassim, H., Connolly, S., Dehousse, R., Rozenberg, O. and Benjaballah, S. (2016) ‘Managing the house: The Presidency, agenda control and policy activism in the European Commission’ (with), Journal of European Public Policy, DOI:10.1080/13501763.2016.1154590
  • Kassim, H., Peterson, J., Bauer, M.W., Dehousse, R., Hooghe, L. and Thompson, A. (2013) The European Commission of the Twenty-First Century, Oxford University Press
  • Kassim, H. and Stevens, H. (2010) Air Transport and the European Union, Palgrave