Legal Adviser, Legal Service of the Council of the EU /since 1st April 2006 - /(since December 2017 seconded to the Office of the Head of DG GIP/Cabinet).

He teaches at the College of Europe Bruges and Natolin (Warsaw) since the 1997-98 Academic Year.

He obtained a Doctorate degree, with summa cum laude, in Legal and Political Sciences from the ELTE University, Budapest (1991). He was Head of Unit in the Prime Minister Office of Hungary (1991-1992) and later on Director of different Hungarian Privatization Institutions (1992-1995). He was Legal Adviser to the EU Delegation, Budapest (1995-2001). He taught EU Law and legal transitology at several HU Universities (1991-2006). He was the co-founder and the Vice-President of the European Law Academy in Budapest (1999-2006) and also the co-founder of the European Law Journal in HU (2000). He is Member of the Budapest Bar Association (since 2001-). He was founding President of the Hungarian FIDE Association (2003-2006) and member of FIDE CD (2003-2020). He was Chief Legal Adviser to the HU Council Presidency (2011, seconded official). He played a key-role in having and organizing the XXVII. FIDE Congress in Budapest in 2016. He was successful in an EU (EPSO) open competition for Head of Unit posts (AD/12) in 2005. Since 1997, he has been invited as key-note speaker/panelist/discussant/chair at more than 80 international conferences. He is specialist of the law on EU Structural and Investment Funds; EU external action law and practice; EU enlargement law and ENP; fundamental rights, better regulation and rule of law issues within EU institutional law and policy etc. He is the author, co-author, editor, co-editor of 15 books, and author of more than 100 academic articles.

His most recent publications: (i) J. Czuczai: The autonomy of the EU legal order and the law-making activities of international organizations- some examples regarding the Council most recent practice in "Yearbook of European Law (2012)", Oxford, OUP, pp. 452-472.; (ii) J. Czuczai: The role of the Presidency of the Council of the EU after Lisbon?- a legal appraisal, in 'Les dimensions internes et externes du droit européen à l'épreuve-Liber Amicorum P. Demaret' (Eds: I. Govaere- D. Hanf), P.I.E. Peter Lang, Berlin-Brussels, 2013, pp. 169-182. (iii) J. Czuczai: The powers of the Council concerning emergency of international terrorism after the judgment in Case C-130/10 Parliament v. Council in 'EU Management of Global Emergencies-Legal Framework for Combating Threats and Crises' (Eds: I. Govaere- S. Poli), Brill-Nijhoff, Leiden-Boston, 2014, pp. 97-110.; (iv) J. Czuczai et alts (Eds): Division of competences and regulatory powers between the EU and the Member States, Congress proceedings of the XXVII. FIDE Congress, Vol. 3, Wolters-Kluwer, 2016, Budapest. (v) J. Czuczai - F. Naert (Eds): The EU as a global actor- Bridging legal theory and practice, Brill-Nijhoff, Leiden-Boston, 2017 (and author of its Chapter VII.). (vi) J. Czuczai: The Council- some historical and practical aspects to the Better Regulation agenda in 'The EU Better Regulation Agenda: A Critical Assessment' (Eds: S. Garben and I. Govaere), Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2018, pp. 119-136. (vii) J. Czuczai: The Rosneft case as a good example for smooth interaction between EU law and international law in the most recent jurisprudence of the CJEU in 'Interface between EU Law and International Law- Contemporary reflections' (Eds: I. Govaere- S. Garben), Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2019, pp. 307-319. (viii) J Czuczai: Article 8 TEU as a potential (still waiting) legal basis for "Privileged Partnership"-type agreements between the EU and its neighbours, JURA, 2019 No.1, Pécs, pp. 37-51.; (ix) J Czuczai: Disintegration and the EU migration crisis? -legal divergences, current legal challenges and those lying ahead in 'Integration and disintegration in the EU legal order' (J-A. Kämmerer- M. Kotzur-J. Ziller), 2019 SIPE Volume, Baden-Baden, NOMOS, pp. 327-354.; (x) J Czuczai: 'The principle of 'Pour l' Europe' in the heritage of Robert Schuman in the light of the last 65 years' development of the European integration process', 2020, (under publishing); (xi) J Czuczai: 'Teaching Europe- A commitment of 25 years in Brugge', 2022, Budapest-Brugge (under publishing).