Professor Dr Sacha GARBEN is Permanent Professor of EU law at the Legal Studies Department of the College of Europe. She is an official in the European Commission (legal officer, DG EMPL), currently on leave to be at the College of Europe full time.  She is furthermore a replacement Judge at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

At the College, Professor Garben teaches the course The Constitution(alisation) of EU Lawand coordinates the Legal Methodology Course.

Professor Garben obtained her Phd at the European University Institute in 2010, winning the Jacqueline Suter Prize for the Best Doctoral Thesis in European Law 2009 – 2011. In 2008, she spent a semester at Harvard Law School as a visiting scholar. She has since then worked at the Court of Justice of the European Union and at the London School of Economics. She is an alumna of the Beethoven promotion at the College of Europe (2005-2006).

Professor Garben is the General Editor (together with L. Gormley) of the OUP Online Encyclopedia of EU Law and regularly contributes to EU law handbooks, such as the Commentary on the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019, edited by M. Kellerbauer, M. Klamert, and J. Tomkin), and The Law of the European Union (Kluwer Law International, 2018, edited by F. Ambtenbrink et al, access sample chapter S. Garben ‘Supporting Policies’).

She is currently under contract with Oxford University Press for a monograph on Competence in the EU Legal Order (expected 2024) and with Edward Elgar for a monograph on EU Constitutional Law (expected 2025).

She gives guest lectures and academic presentations at many other universities, which have included inter alia the University of OxfordHarvard University, the University of Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE), Humboldt Berlin and HEC Paris. In 2023, she was the Institutional Rapporteur for the XXX FIDE Congress in Sofia (2023) on Topic 3 - European Social Union.

Key publications include:


  • S. Garben, ‘The CJEU and Climate (In)Activism?’ in Mark Dawson, Bruno de Witte and Elise Muir (eds.), Revisiting Judicial Politics in the European Union (Edward Elgar), pp. 247–268
  • S. Garben, ‘Choosing a Tightrope instead of a Rope Bridge: The Choice of Legal Basis for the EU Minimum Wage Directive’ in Luca Ratti, Elisabeth Brameshuber and Vincenzo Pietrogiovanni, The EU Directive on Minimum Wages (Bloomsbury: Hart Publishing)
  • I. Govaere, S. Garben and E. Spaventa (eds.), The Impact of War (in Ukraine) on the EU, forthcoming
  • S. Garben, ‘EU Competence’ in Leonard Besselink, Nicola Lupo and Mattias Wendel (eds.), Research Handbook EU Constitutional Law, Edward Elgar, forthcoming


  • S. Garben, ‘European Social Union: Institutional Report’, in Alexander Kornezov (ed.), European Social Union, Proceedings of the XXX FIDE Congress, Vol. 3 (Open Access)
  • S. Garben, ‘The European Union and its Three Constitutional Problems’ in Matej Avbelj (ed.), The Future of EU Constitutionalism (Oxford: Hart Publishing)
  • S. Garben, ‘The Constitutionalisation of European Integration as a Single, Protracted ‘Constitutional Moment’ Towards the Establishment of EU Final Authority’ in Marco Dani, Marco Goldoni and Agustin Menéndez (eds.), The legitimacy of European constitutional orders (Edward Elgar) pp. 259–281 (Open Access)
  • S. Garben, ‘Posted Workers are Persons Too! - Posting and the Constitutional Democratic Question of Fair Mobility in the European Union’ in Niamh Nic Shuibhne (ed.), Revisiting the Fundamentals of the Free Movement of Persons in EU LawCollected Courses of the Academy of European Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press) Volume XXXI/1


  • S. Garben and L. Gormley, OUP Online Encyclopedia of EU Law (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
  • S. Garben, ‘From sneaking to striding: Combatting competence creep and consolidating the EU legislative process’, European Law Journal,
  • K. Caunes, O. Costa, S. Garben, I. Govaere (eds), ‘The Conference on the Future of Europe in democratic context; In Memoriam David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament’ Editorial to Special Double Issue of the European Law Journal on the Conference of the Future of Europe ,


  • A. Aranguiz & S. Garben, ‘Combating Income Inequality in the EU: A Legal Assessment of a Potential EU Minimum Wage Directive’, European Law Review, 46:2, pp. 156-174
  • S. Garben, ‘The regulation of platform work in the European Union: Mapping the challenges’ in: K Vandaele and J Drahokoupil, Modern Guide to Labour in the Platform Economy, (Edward Elgar Publishing) pp. 145–161
  • S. Garben, ‘Dignity- and Reciprocity-based Solidarity as the Normative Framework of the EU’s Constitutional Settlement’ in A Iossa et al, Law, Solidarity and the Limits of Social Europe: Constitutional Tensions for EU Integration (Edward Elgar), pp 158 - 182
  • S. Garben, ‘Regulatory Approaches to Labour in the Online Platform Economy’ in: K Vandaele and J Drahokoupil, Modern Guide to Labour in the Platform Economy, (Routledge) in production





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