Course offered 

Virginie Van Ingelgom is a F.R.S. – FNRS Research Associate Professor at the Institut de Sciences Politiques Louvain-Europe, UCLouvain (since 2014). She completed her PhD at Sciences Po Paris and UCLouvain (2010). She has been a visiting fellow at Oxford University, Sciences Po Paris, Université de Montréal, the Australian National University and the University of Queensland. She held visiting professorship positions at Sciences Po Bordeaux, Sciences Po Grenoble, Sciences Po Paris, and the Graduate Institute Geneva. In 2022, she was a Fernand Braudel Fellow at the European University Institute. Her teaching commitments include courses at UCLouvain (Masters in Political Sciences and European Studies) and at the ECPR School in Methods and Technics (Focus Groups).

Previous professional affiliations

Visiting positions: Australian National University (Crawford’s Policy and Governance Department, 2022), European University Institute (Department of Political and Social Sciences, 2022), Graduate Institute Geneva (2020), Oxford University (New College and MFO, 2009 and 2011), Sciences Po Bordeaux (Centre Emile Durkheim, 2018 and 2023), at Sciences Po Grenoble (PACTE, 2016, 2017 and 2018), Sciences Po Paris (CEE, 2017), Université de Montréal (CERIUM, 2010), University of Queensland (POLSIS, 2022).

Fields of interest 

Virginie Van Ingelgom’s research focuses on the issue of democracy and legitimacy in multilevel governance political systems. More specifically, she concentrates on citizens’ attitudes towards European integration and globalization, on European elections and on policy feedbacks. She has developed a recognized expertise in qualitative methods and mixed methods research designs. Her previous work on citizens’ indifference towards European integration – published as a book in 2014 – has been awarded with the Theseus Award for Promising Research on European Integration (2010) and the Jean Blondel Ph.D. Prize by the European Consortium for Political Research (2012). More recently, she was awarded with an ERC Starting Grant (Qualidem, 2017-2023) to develop a new research program that offers a qualitative (re)appraisal of citizens’ (dis-)affection towards politics relying on the core argument of the policy feedback literature: attitudes and behaviours are outcomes of past policy. Results of her research have been published in journals such as, Comparative European Politics, Contemporary Political Theory, Journal of European Social Policies, Politics and Governance, Politique européenne and Sociological Methods and Research. She serves as a member of the editorial boards of Politique européenne and Revue internationale de Polique Comparée.

Selected publications 

  • Van Ingelgom, Virginie (2023). Citizens, in Faure, S. Lesquesne, C. (Eds.), Elgar Companion to the European Union.
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  • Dupuy, C., Van Ingelgom, V. (2019). Depoliticized policies, depoliticized citizens? In Palonen, K., Wiesner, C., Selk, V., Kauppi, N., Trenz, H.-J., Dupuy, C., Van Ingelgom, V. and Liste, P., Rethinking Politicization, Contemporary Political Theory, 18 (2), 248–281. DOI:
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