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The College of Europe is a non-profit organization funded by fees and through external sources. The fees are covered for a good part by scholarships granted by regional, national or European authorities. Its main public contributors are the European Union (Erasmus+ Programme) and the Belgian and Polish authorities, and, to a lesser extent, a number of European governments represented in the Administrative Council of the College. The College also benefits from an increasing amount of private funding.

It is thanks to the numerous scholarships, subsidies and donations received, that the College of Europe has been able to train and educate such a large number and variety of successful graduates.

Help us to continue to pursue our mission of training cross border leaders for both the public and private sectors, by financially supporting the best students in their field to come to the College of Europe and help us to welcome them in the best conditions possible.


All your questions about donating to the College of Europe can be directed to the Fundraising Office:


Dijver 11
8000 Brugge




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