InclusivEU Scholarship

InclusivEU is a new diversity and inclusion initiative spearheaded by the EU offices of BCW, Dentons Global Advisors and FTI Consulting, in partnership with the College of Europe. It seeks to improve social and cultural mobility in higher education and contribute to the diversification of the future talent pipeline in public affairs in Brussels. 

The initiative offers a scholarship to a talented student from communities who have been historically underrepresented at the College and will hopefully drive a larger pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds. 

InclusivEU was set up in 2023 and has already awarded an inaugural scholarship to a student studying at the College in the academic year 2023-2024. The successful student will also have the opportunity, once graduated, to take two renumerated internships with the Founding Sponsors of up to six months each.  

For full details, please consult the Press Release here.

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