The Energy and Climate Chair called together a Reflection Group on the Future of the Green Deal


On June 3, 2023, the inaugural meeting of the Reflection Group on the Future of the Green Deal took place, bringing together experts in the field from across Europe, including a number of College of Europe alumni. The meeting is part a cooperation between the College’s Iberdrola Manuel Marin Chair for European Energy and Climate Policy and the Florence School of Regulation (EUI) which will publish strategic recommendations for how to continue the Green Deal’s aspirations after the upcoming EU elections.

The meeting established a comprehensive project that would contribute to (re)shaping the future of the Green Deal. The group's objective is to produce a written output by later this year, presenting reflections on critical aspects of Europe's ongoing transformation under the Green Deal framework. Chairholder Dirk Buschle, leading the meeting, outlined the project's goals and proposed potential ideas for the final publication, which were then discussed and refined by the attending members. The meeting resulted in a provisional proposal of five chapters, each addressing specific areas related to the Green Deal.

The work will continue, in close cooperation with the Florence School of Regulation, within the next months. The final output, which will provide actionable recommendations, will be published and showcased at public events. The Group is open for interested participants.

For more information, please contact Thijs Vandenbussche.